Services - Nine Dot Sales and Training

Nine Dot Sales and Training provides services to its clients, ranging from strategic planning in the sales department, auditing the sales department to discover areas for potential improvement, interviewing and hiring salespeople, up to and including comprehensive sales training; from prospecting to closing.

Determining what aspects of a client’s sales department need enhancement is the most important segment of the working relationship. It is during this needs assessment where key discovery leads to projected improvement and change opportunities in the client’s sales strategy.

The sales department audit will start from your business strategy, analyzing revenue goals, staff size, and whether or not the current staff meets the sales needs of the company. Once discovery is complete, recommendations will be made to adjust, enhance or change the current structure.

Interviewing and hiring appropriately is critical to the on-going success of any company. Nine Dot Sales and Training, using it’s more than twenty years of experience in this process would be available to help mold the staff for the future.

Once the staff is developed, training needs are assessed. Preparing the staff for client interaction is accomplished through training modules, starting with consideration of where to spend time in prospecting, all the way through several techniques in closing the sale, leading to long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships between your company and your clients.

For information on a full scope of marketing services, go to the parent company website, Nine Dot Marketing.

The founder of Nine Dot Sales and Training is a product of Stephen Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” era, and one habit is prominent in the work performed; ‘Seek First to Understand, Before Being Understood.’ A working relationship will not be developed with a client until the client’s business is completely understood by Nine Dot Sales and Training.