Sales Strategy

Process for determining how to go to market

Sales strategy varies from company to company, determined by variables within that company’s industry and market. Some products need lead generation developed for the sales staff, while others work better with sales staffs who sell direct to the end user.

Does the product or service you sell have a short or long sales cycle? Does the customer need to see the product or can it be sold sight unseen? Possibly a telemarketing staff would enhance the external staff’s efforts, and in some cases, telemarketing could be the main force behind the new business development of the company.

Market Share Analysis

Are there enough prospects to buy the products or services you currently take to market? If you are a retail business, are the sales staff members ready for all types of customers to come to your place of business? Determining a process for handling customers is essential, and training staff members through the process increases chances for enhancing the success of the company.

Is selling a multi-step process at your company? Does it make better sense to increase a customer’s commitment to your company after they initiate a relationship? There may be a combination of both needed, as determined by the complexity of the products and/or services you sell.

Are you considering growth outside your normal barriers? Possibly geographic growth will add sales revenue. What about an online sales structure? Strategic planning at the company and sales department levels will prove beneficial to determine where profitability may grow.