Sales Department Audit

Maximizing Sales Through Adjustments

Developing the most opportunities for your company through the sales department starts with having the correct number of the most qualified staff members. A combination of leading indicators can determine if you are on track or if adjustments are needed.

Auditing the sales department is initiated through an analysis of the company’s capacity for sales growth against its capacity for business expense. Often a company’s sales department has been set based on the determination of the previous management team. Has the market changed? Is new competition challenging you? Added product lines to move?

Working with the marketing department, research is completed on changes in market conditions, as well as on other companies in your industry who are challenging market shares, and the sales growth opportunities of new product lines and/or services. A report is presented to sales and human resource management with recommendations for enhancement or growth of the sales department.

Evaluating Worth of the Staff Members

Thorough interviews with each sales manager and staff member are conducted to evaluate worth to the company. Working with Human Resources, growth or reduction in force is recommended. An audit would include job description evaluation, resume review and collaboration on interviews of candidates.

Following completion of the audit, sales training is recommended, based on needs. This may include basic to advanced sales techniques, both in-house as well as in-the-field training. Cross departmental training could be necessary to ensure all departments work in collaboration with sales toward the common goal of profitability.