Networking for Survival Seminars

Nine Dot Marketing offers a unique curriculum and interactive sessions to educate others on “how to network.” Networking is the main source of survival for many individuals.

  • The unemployed sector is directed to network to land a job. Over 75% of positions are acquired through networking.
  • Students are taught to network to gain access into the corporate world. The first position is the hardest to find, especially with no experience on your resume. Friends of friends will look beyond this obstacle.
  • Philanthropists network to increase the support for causes. Referrals from networking partners will give you easier access to people they know who regularly donate money to charities.
  • Employed individuals network to develop new business. More than ever, sales managers are asking their staff members to network as part of the prospecting process. As the business world has become more competitive, a greater mixture of industries are now mixing with the best of them, both in-person and online.

The continuous development of social media has both enhanced and expedited relationship building. Becoming knowledgeable in this part of networking has become essential for survival. Whether it is in-person or online networking, they are both part of the process. The good thing is that it can be learned. If adhered to on a regular basis, the process taught through our curriculum will lead you to a higher rate of return on your investment through networking.