About Us - Nine Dot Sales and Training

Mitch Seigel

Mitch Seigel Mitch Seigel, Principal and Founder of Nine Dot Sales and Training, a subsidiary of Nine Dot Marketing, has over thirty years of sales, sales management and sales consulting experience, ranging across a vast spectrum of industries. His experience in radio, cable television, broadcast television, newspaper, online and sales promotion has all been based on a consultative sales approach. In addition to his sales expertise, he has been integral in efficiently managing inventory, strategy planning for numerous sales departments and effective internal and external client communication.
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Nine Dot Sales and Training Philosophy

Nine Dot Sales and Training has recognized through extensive experience that training should be an on-going activity for any business relying on revenue to exist. This may include both profit and not for profit entities. With this in mind, it is the intention of Nine Dot Sales and Training to deliver to clients the consistency needed by sales staff members to allow revenue goals to be surpassed regularly. It is also the philosophy of Nine Dot Sales and Training to develop each department with in a company to be integral in their respective supporting roles of the sales process. On occasion this may mean a company will need to leave their comfort zone and incorporate new business practices, thinking outside the box in the process.

What can Nine Dot Sales and Training do for you?

Nine Dot Sales and Training will work with your company on sales strategy, determining steps needed to enhance the structure, sharpen the skills and develop the best team possibly in your industry. Within these services, a Sales Department Audit could be conducted, to discover changes or enhancements needed overall, and specifically with the current members of the staff. Interviewing and hiring of sales people can be included, which may lead to training. Training modules are available through the entire sales process from prospecting to closing. Nine Dot Sales and Training can also actively work with the other departments within the company to increase their effectiveness in supportive roles to the sales department.