Sales Training and Consulting

We have training modules established for each of the following techniques. In addition, if there is a technique you need and it is not listed below, NDM will customize a hybrid module to provide a solution for your company’s needs.

Sales Techniques

  • Time Management - The most difficult sales skill to master is balance. Spending considerably more time in one segment of the sales process than another typically hurts overall performance. Managing time is a never ending pursuit.
  • Lead Generation and Prospecting - Multiple sources for leads are available in any industry. Are you tapping into all of those sources? How are you approaching new business opportunities? Persistence wins over any other sales attribute when developing new accounts.
  • Telemarketing - Often times the primary way a company is introduced to you or your company, the telephone is a sales tool that needs to be understood and used to its advantage.
  • Listening - We have two ears and two eyes, and only one mouth. Spending 80% taking in information and 20% giving information is essential to gain the relationships you need to succeed.
  • Consultative Selling - Your client’s needs give you the keys to the sale. Targeted questions customized for each client will provide you with the information to develop a proposal that sells.
  • Objections - We all face them. It’s part of the game. A minimum of three solutions to each objection will increase your chances to close the sale. Role playing through these objections will make you comfortable in your explanation and your client comfortable in their acceptance of that explanation.
  • Follow Up - Customer service starts with the first contact. Following up when expected is a clear sign of your intention on obtaining or maintaining the business. Listening to your client’s will give you keys to the persistence you need.
  • Written Presentations - Writing a compelling presentation which illustrates a focus on the clients needs is essential. Are you clear in your explanations and support to your proposition? Have you given options within the client’s budgetary parameters? Does your presentation look professional?
  • Oral Presentations - The confidence you show in the oral delivery of your presentation often times determines your client’s confidence in whether or not what you propose will deliver the expected return on investment. Practice, practice, practice.
  • Negotiation - A win-win relationship is the goal. Is there room for you to give added value to your offer? This is a test between you and your client. Work toward a common solution.
  • Social Styles and Personalities - Are you treating everyone you meet in the same way? Knowing your clients tendencies will add to your effectiveness in developing business for your company.
  • Closing - Closing begins the moment you start talking with your prospect. Awareness of all aspects of the pursuit of business will help in your determination when to go for the sale. Having the knowledge of multiple closing techniques makes the process easier.